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And Back Again!

Well, we tried it and didn't like it. After 7 months of living in Austin, TX, Diego and I decided to move home to California. We decided only last month that coming home would be the best thing to do. We planned on spending the remainder of our year lease looking for new jobs and new oppertunities in CA. Well, it didn't take long at all, and Diego was hired as the new Reporter for the Los Altos Town Crier and begins tomorrow! That is right, we are already home in CA! I am temporarily staying with my parents in Mendocino and we should be in a new apartment in November. Diego is with his parents in Mt View.

I shouldn't say we completely hated Austin--it's actually a really fun and beautiful city. And the heat really didn't bother us either, considering it was the hottest and dryest summer on record. We had a really good time there, but it just wasn't the forever home we thought it would be. But I have to say, I am SO glad we moved there in the first place. I gained a lot of clarity from this move. My priorities in life are becoming more evident. A big house isn't such a wonderful thing if you don't have much family around. Even though the bay area is an expensive city to live in and you are surrounded by those whose life's worth is based on what job they have, what kind of car they drive and how much they can consume--that all doesn't matter to me anymore. If I don't have my family, I have nothing. 

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